Decal Application

Thank you so much for purchasing a decal! We'll tell you step by step how to apply your new decal.

1. Assess the surface - You want to make sure the surface you are applying your decal to is suitable for the type of decal you purchased. Currently my shop offers permanent vinyl decals which are suitable for a variety of hard surfaces such as water bottles, electronics, electronics cases, windows, cars, and more. These decals are not suitable for fabrics, upholstery, or other fibrous, soft surfaces.

2. Clean the area - Before applying your decal, you want to make sure your area is free of dirt and dust. The best method is to wash the area with soap and water, and then swab the area with some isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. The alcohol is not necessary, but make help to prolong the life of the adhesive on the decal.

3. Remove the paper - Your decal has two layers sandwiching it. The back paper layer and the top clear layer. The first step is to lay your decal on a flat surface with the paper side up. Gently peel back the paper, and go slowly to make sure the decal is sticking to the clear layer on the bottom.

4. Align the decal - Once the backing paper is removed, line up your decal on the surface to which you are applying. Once you have the position, gently press it down from the center out to the edges to ensure no air bubbles are underneath the decal.

5. Apply pressure - Once you have your decal placed on your surface, make sure to take a credit card, or other hard surface (more than just a finger or fingernail) and rub the entire surface of the decal while the top clear layer is still adhered. You are trying to get a good adhesion by applying pressure on top of the decal and onto the surface of the item to which it is being applied.

6. Peel the clear layer - Very gently and slowly peel back the top clear layer. You may need to "walk" the clear layer by gently pulling on one corner, and then the other alternating. If parts of the decal start to lift with the transfer tape, use your finger or tweezers to hold down the decal while gently working the clear layer back.

7. Troubles? - If you are having trouble, your decal tears, or you need a clearer application instruction, please contact us right away and we will help you as soon as possible.



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