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This sticker pack was inspired by human's best friend; the canine. My dog's name is Sophie (Sophia when she's in trouble, and she knows the difference!) She has been with me since 2012. She's a playful, energetic medium schnauzer mix that loves long walks and hates the car.

She recently had a growth pop up on her abdomen. After taking her to the vet and having some tests done, we made the decision to have it removed. After we received the results back from the lab, we found out it was cancerous. The vet is pretty sure she was able to get it all, but there is a small chance it could come back, or that it could have spread further.

I'm creating this sticker pack as a way to help pay for the vet bills that piled up from this procedure. And once our vet bill is paid off, I will be donating 50% of all sales from this sticker pack to other dogs in need through several Instagram accounts that compile donations just for this reason.

There are 5 stickers in this pack that are approximately 2-3" in size, water resistant, and weatherproof.

I make these completely from my home office. These are my original designs that I print, cut, and package for you!

The designs in these sticker packs are created by me, Melissa Tennison, and I own all rights to the designs. They are not to be distributed for purposes other than personal use without my permission.

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