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October Sticker of the Month

Autumn Vibes Pumpkins by 3milelaneco

Autumn Vibes Pumpkins

The October sticker of the month is my Autumn Vibes pumpkins! I designed this sticker with all the fall feels flowing through my Apple pencil and onto my Procreate canvas. I feel like I've been waiting an eternity for Autumn to finally roll back around and I'm so here for it! Especially this year. As a Patreon, you'll be the FIRST to get your hands on this new design!

This sticker will be made available to non-patrons early October.

When you sign up for my Patreon, you'll receive the current month's sticker design, along with the other perks associated with the tier you select. Coupon codes will be sent with your sticker and are good on all your future orders!

Become a Patron!

I'm so thrilled to be able to offer you a subscription service through Patreon! I'm starting out with three different tiers with affordable price points for everyone! One of the biggest perks of being a member of my Patreon is being able to get goodies before anyone else and using Patreon exclusive coupons on said goodies!

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! I wouldn't be here without you and your amazing support! Thank you!

Sticker of the Month Club 3milelaneco Patreon
As a member of the sticker of the month club, you'll receive:
  • 1 waterproof sticker that is the featured sticker of the month from my website.
  • Access to Patreon only coupons for my website.

Sticker Plus Club 3milelaneco Patreon

As a member of the Sticker Plus Club, you'll receive:

  • My waterproof sticker of the month featured on my website.
  • A coupon code exclusive to Patreons.
  • 2 additional waterproof stickers from my collection.
  • Early access to purchase new sticker designs.

Cup Club by 3milelaneco Patreon

The Cup Club includes everything from the first two tiers, PLUS you'll receive a custom designed cold cup. Each month will be a different cup and will be hand lettered with the first name that you supply when you sign-up. Contact me to change the name on your cup for any given month to give to friends!