3 mile lane co 
Partnership with RGMS


Meet the Maker

My name is Melissa Tennison and I'm the owner of 3 mile lane co. I started my business in June of this year and have designed over 100 stickers for my business, including several wholesale orders and some consignments for a local shop. I have an audience of over 40k on TikTok and 1.6k on Instagram with whom I love to interact.

I'm a born and raised Oregonian and currently reside in McMinnville with my husband and our son. My inspiration for my designs comes from many avenues, but mostly from my personal life and my family. I love thinking about something ordinary and being able to turn it into a tangible memory in the form of a sticker.

Here's a little more detail about the sticker for your student of the week program.


 Traditional                                      Vibrant